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Able Particle Tracker is an user-friendly Windows application for video particle tracking. Typical use is tracking of particles in microscope images, e.g. biological cells, sub-cellular components, proteins, vesicles, droplets and colloidal microspheres. It can be used also for particle image velocitometry and object tracking, e.g. follow animals in behavioural studies.

Able Particle Tracker automatically detects objects in the first image according to specified criteria and follows them through video or sequence of images. The particle trajectories are written to a text-file which can be easly imported into other programs, such as Excel, Origin, Matlab, IDL, Mathematica etc.

Input images for Able Particle Tracker are image series. Supported are many image formats (such as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF...) and unlimited number of particles/objects can be simultaneously followed.


  • Extremely user-friendly interface - getting object trace is just a matter of a few mouse-clicks
  • Manual or automatic detection of (multiple) objects
  • Filtering according to user specified criteria
  • Lot of suppoted image formats
  • Results are generated in an easy-to-use text format for subsequent analysis
  • ...and lots more

Download trial version of Able Particle Tracker to see and try all its features.


Sample image sequence of a rolling ball

Results of Able Particle Tracker analysis (ball trajectory shown in yellow)


Questions about Able Particle Tracker should be addressed directly by e-mail to able@mulabs.com. Users of full version get 1 month of free e-mail instructions, help and support.


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Able Particle Tracker is inexpensive compared to other particle tracking packages.

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File Size Description
APT-setup.exe 16 MB Able Particle Tracker version 2.0 self-installer (USA server)